“You just can’t get enough from sugar”

We got another challenging job from BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG.

2 giant transportation shafts, each of them 15.00 m long, 4.1 m wide, 4.1 m high and with a weight of 47 tons had to be trucked from Stassfurt (almost mid-way between Hannover and Leipzig) to the Unikai Terminal in Hamburg.

After two consecutive nights on the road they reached the terminal where each of them were stowed on a 50ft Roll Trailer to continue their journey to Alexandria on board of Grimaldi’s Grande Dakar.

They are both centerpieces of the biggest sugar beet processing plant in the world whose construction components had been shipped from Bremerhaven a few weeks earlier. Canal Sugar, an Egyptian Joint Stock Company is going to build up domestic sugar production at a large scale.

The Project Team of IPSEN LOGISTICS is very pleased to have been part of this interesting shipment.

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