Two companies suspended from pre-shipment inspections for Kenya

With immediate effect, the Kenyan government has banned the inspection companies China Certification and Inspections Group Company (CCIC) and Société Générale de Surveillance SA of Switzerland (SGS) from pre-shipment inspections from certain regions.

The government has determined that the companies are not performing as required by the contracts. The suspension will be maintained until the agreed measures are resumed.

The two companies issue certificates for Kenya worldwide - from the regions of Japan, South Korea, North Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam and Cambodia they are currently banned.

For shipments to Kenya from this certain regions, you can contact the following companies in the meantime:
- Intertek
- Bureau Veritas
- Cotecna

They are also entitled to carry out the pre-shipment inspections for Kenya.

Source: of 03. Oktober 2018

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