„That’s all sugar!“ – Shipping of a sugar production plant to Egypt

The Project Team of IPSEN LOGISTICS handled a shipment of components of a dismantled beet sugar factory from Bremerhaven to Alexandria recently. The units had a weight of up to 22.3 tons, with lengths up to 14.1 m, widths up to 5.28 m and heights up to 3.9 m. When they are all put together at their final destination in Egypt they form the largest extraction tower for sugar that has ever been built.  

This giant will then be part of the worldwide largest beet sugar factory and refinery being built by the Egyptian agro-group Canal Sugar in the Minya Governorate. The overall investment into this project totals more than USD 1 billion.

Upon completion of the first construction phase, Canal Sugar aims at a production of 400,000 tons of sugar next year. By the time the entire factory will be up and running in 2023 the annual production is then expected to climb up to about 900,000 tons. With this production, Egypt will be in the position to cover a considerable part of its demand for sugar themselves. In addition to this, it is planned to export some of the production to neighboring countries. .  

The manufacturer of this and another extraction tower of the same size including automation and steering technology for this large-scale factory is the Braunschweig based company BMA Braunschweigische Maschinenbauanstalt AG. They look back upon 160 years of experience in the field of industrial-scale production and refining of sugar.

The heavy pieces were hauled on low-bed trailers from their production sites in Braunschweig, Stassfurt and Poland to the terminal in Bremerhaven.

The Project Team of IPSEN LOGISTICS developed a tailor made ocean freight concept for the total of about 3,500 freight tons. With the RoRo shipping company Glovis a partner could be won which called at the port of Alexandria exclusively for this project.

The „Glovis Sky“ belongs to the latest generation of RoRo vessels. She was built in 2017 and with her gate clearance of 6.7 meter she is not just able to accommodate all type of vehicles but besides this she is also able to take a huge bunch of project cargo loaded onto roll-tailers (RT) to be placed on her main deck.  

This entire volume of about 3,500 CBM project was loaded onto 28 x 40ft RT, 2 x 60ft RT und 1 x 72ft RT!

Most critical for the smooth handling and ultimately the success of this project was the excellent cooperation of all parties involved in this shipment.

With this shipment IPSEN LOGISTICS demonstrates once again that know-how, customized solutions and teamwork are most critical when it comes to managing projects of any size successfully.  


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