Shiploader for Rouen


The project team of IPSEN LOGISTICS has finished 2018 with an exciting shipment. Three shiploaders were assembled by our client in Rostock for their customer in Rouen. The unit weights for lifting were at about 215 to. The machines had to be shipped fully assembled because the receiving quay offered no space for assembling onshore.

IPSEN LOGISTICS is member in the Project Logistic Alliance (PLA)  and we were happy that our PLA partner SAL turned out as best carrier for realizing this challenging shipment. Their engineers worked closely with those of our client for various month and they were able to figure out how to load these three machines onto only one vessel. The solution required not at least some special moves with the booms of the shiploader to bring everything into its final pretty tight stowage position.

 Of course the team of IPSEN has got vast experience in project shipment but we now our limits. Thereof the loading has been not only been surveyed by own staff but we have also hired the engineers of Wilke Survey for verifying carrier’s method statement and all further technical documentation as well as for lifting survey and stowage and lashing inspection.

 One tricky challenge had to be faced after unloading onto quay. The counter weights had to be assembled by vessel’s gears to the shiploaders. Also for this not easy maneuver the keen engineering team of SAL and our client have found a solution and it was finished without complications closely prior Christmas.

 We are proud that we can report about such a successful end of 2018 and are looking forward to new challenges in 2019 !


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