IPSEN LOGISTICS - Information - COVID-19

Dear customers and partners in overseas,
Dear ladies and gentlemen,

following the latest developments of COVID-19, IPSEN LOGISTICS has decided to take maximum preventive measures in order to minimize further spread of the virus and to protect its employees, clients and partners.

As from today and until further notice, more than 75% of our workforce has been recommended and asked to work remote from home while visitors to our premises are no longer allowed .
Our employees will be reachable to a large extent by phone and perfectly by mail.

By reorganizing ourselves in this way, we protect the health of our employees and their surroundings while safeguarding and guaranteeing our productivity as well as the service level towards you, our valued customers and partners.

Also we hereby draw your attention to the fact that in the near future delays in the execution of the transports due to the coronavirus and related measures or effects cannot be ruled out.
It is also possible that this may lead to deadlines being exceeded in the context of our contractual performance.

Even if we do our utmost to prevent or minimize delays and impairments, much of this is beyond our control. We must therefore point out that we cannot accept any liability for the above consequences.

We sincerely apologize in case measures taken might cause any inconvenience to you and your business, at the same time we are convinced to have your full understanding and support on taking a joint action. In case you should have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your IPSEN contacts


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