From Rostock to North Scotland - the journey of a shipunloader

After a period of 2,5 years IPSEN checked with the shipper of this impressing shipunloader various options to find out best place for construction, way of transport and carrier to realize the shipping. This was followed by about 4 month of preparation, in which the lifting, lashing & securing plans and necessary modifications at the shipunloader were agreed by the engineers of client, carrier and the by IPSEN engaged Surveyor. During that time the construction was completed in the port of Rostock.

All the experts did a good job, so that the lifting runs smoothly and the 172 to heavy shipunloader reached its destination in North Scotland on the Isle of Skye in well condition. There it was placed by the vessel directly on rails and can do now its work for the new fish feed plant for one of the biggest salmon farmer in the world.

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