Our History

Logistics since 1891
1891 Foundation of the forwarding company Emil Ipsen

Emil Ipsen founded his company in Bremerhaven at the age of 38. Cotton is mainly traded in Bremen.

1896 Foundation of a branch office in Bremen

The cotton trade is becoming increasingly important in Bremen, so that Emil Ipsen establishes a branch office in Bremen, which is still the headquarters of the company today.

1939 in difficult times

In February 1939 Emil Ipsen dies and in September the Second World War begins. The fortunes of the company are now in the hands of his son Hans Ipsen. Emil Ipsen jun. the second son, had already renounced a company participation.

1962 Reorientation

Hans Ipsen died in 1962 at the age of 76. His wife continues the over-indebted company. As a result, the company Gebrüder Specht takes over the forwarding agency and the strategic expansion of the business activities are carried out.

1974 Successful expansion

Klaus Platz, who has already been employed as an apprentice and authorised signatory at Emil Ipsen, takes over the management of the company. Thanks to his commitment, the company has successfully expanded into several countries. Branches are being opened in Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco under the name of cet Companie d' emballage et transport, which enable a strong positioning in the Maghreb. In additional subsidiaries in Malaysia and Singapore are opened.
For further establishment  in the international logistics business, the majority shareholdings of Fastsped airfreight forwarding agency and Heinrich Schäding packaging company are also taken over in this era.

2005 Change of generation

After 51 years with the company, Klaus Platz resigns from the management and in 2007 as a shareholder.
The company is taken over by Hans Christian Specht and Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht as shareholders of Gebrüder Specht GmbH & Co. KG. From now on the expansion of the group is jointly developed.

2007 Time for Change

The increasing complexity of the Group requires restructuring to make efficient use of existing synergies. A unique profile is required to strengthen the market presence. To achieve this, the group with its diverse activities must be united internally and externally under a common identity. This is done under the Name of IPSEN LOGISTICS.

Emil Ipsen, cet, fastsped, Schäding, PSI, Massilia, FastIpsen and DWB become IPSEN LOGISTICS, IPSEN AIR LOGISTICS and IPSEN INDUSTRIAL PACKING.
Ulrich Gesolowitz, long-standing managing partner of fastsped Speditionsgesellschaft mbH, takes over the management of the company in Germany.

till today

Ulrich Gesolowitz retires in 2014 after many successful years. Dirk Eller and Peer Oldenburger follow him and take over the management of Air-/ Oceanfreight in Germany.

Today, IPSEN LOGISTICS is a strong internationally operating company with its own offices in 10 countries and a strong worldwide network of cooperation partners. The company's long history and continuous expansion testify to its strength and continuity and form a good basis for further growth.

IPSEN LOGISTICS celebrates its 125th anniversary in 2016. May many more follow.