Our Profile

For you. Worldwide. Since 1891.
Eduard Dubbers-Albrecht & Hans-Christian Specht
(Managing Directors)

Worldwide, we develop solutions for the transport requirements, logistics and distribution needs of our customers. IPSEN LOGISTICS is a global company with its own offices and strategic partnerships in our key markets. Our strength is the development of logistic concepts optimally tailored to our customers' needs. Distribution services are part of our product range in the countries where we operate. We operate our own distribution centers and warehouses at various locations.

Customer demands are our challenge, customer satisfaction our motivation.

IPSEN LOGISTICS is a medium-sized company. We seek to maintain our independence in order to pursue long-term goals. We invest in our employees, the core element of our service, but also in facilities and the IT infrastructure. In this way, we ensure the quality of service that our customers expect and appreciate.

IPSEN LOGISTICS is large enough to meet the financial and organisational requirements of large cargo flows and yet small enough to be able to meet the wishes and requirements of our customers individually.